LED Lighting Solutions

Design for Manufacturability

Our engineers will design a system that will optimize performance and reliability while minimizing the cost for manufacturing by leveraging the proprietary processes and equipment that we have developed for high power LED integration.

Proof of Concept

If you have a concept to convert to solid state lighting for an existing light fixture and need to prove that it will work for your application, we can quickly design a LED light engine for a retrofit or an entire new package design and give you the confidence that it will perform as expected.


We can provide prototypes very quickly for your application before going into full production so that you can test, verify and make any modifications that are needed to optimize the system performance. We offer Stars, Squares, Arrays, linear strips in any configuration or color.

Full Turnkey Manufacturing

We offer full turnkey manufacturing services that will relieve you of sourcing, managing, and handling logistics of components and materials. We have partnerships and a supply chain program with all of the key suppliers for the LED’s, Power Supplies, LED Drivers, Thermal Materials, Substrates, Extrusions, Standard Optics, Custom Optics and Plastics that allows us to manufacture a complete assembly quickly and cost effectively.