Our Capabilities

Lumagine has developed innovative design and manufacturing capabilities to address High Power LED integration.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Laser Soldering “Assembling Light with Light”- We have developed our own proprietary laser soldering system. This allows for direct application of heat producing electromagnetic energy directly to solder joints. The benefits include higher reliability and more choices for substrate materials.
  • Proprietary Manufacturing Processes- Our unique competencies allow us to assemble High Power LED’s to various FR4, Flex Circuits, Ceramic and MCPCB substrates.
  • Automotated Electronics Assembly- We utilize the state of the art surface mount equipment for high volume production of LED light engines, drive and control circuitry.
  • Agile Manufacturing- Our manufacturing capabilities were developed for build-on-demand production runs and fast delivery times.

Design Capabilities

  • System Level Integration- We will identify the system requirements for your application including the environment it will be in, intelligent control, illuminance (lux) or lumen output, color temperature or wavelength, power source, installation and packaging.
  • LED selection- We have been working with all of the leading High Power LED manufacturers since 2001. We will select the High Power LED based on the Lumen output, efficacy, color matching and reliability that optimizes performance and cost effectiveness for your application.
  • Thermal Management- A key to a highly reliable Solid State Solution is through an effective thermal management design. Our engineers will design a system that will keep the LED’s under the required junction temperatures that the supplier specifies for lumen maintenance.
  • Custom Power Conversion- With our experience in power conversion, LED drivers and system control we can design a custom solution that minimizes power consumption while optimizing the system performance and lowering costs.
  • Optics- We can select standard optics or assist in the development of a custom solution that will increase performance and delivery of the light source to the area or objects being illuminated.
  • Packaging- We will design a solution that fits the needs of your application for connectivity, installation, durability and ruggedness.